Wednesday 3-20-19

Encourage Thyself 1 Samuel 30:4-6 Pastor preached to the church to encourage ourselves in the LORD. David appeared to have lost it all. The enemy was ready to pronounce victory, BUT God was ready to do something great. Can you dance in you dry places? God, everything is going to be alright! I trust You!

Sunday – 3-17-19

The Tale of Two Generations Pastor Todd Randall There is a generation that says I will not listen to my parents. I will not listen to authority. A group that wants to be as close to the world as possible. There was a generation that came before us that made anointing a priority. There was…
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Sunday 3-10-19

We had a wonderful service today! Baby Liam Campeau was dedicated, and Pastor Randall preached a masterpiece. This year has been filled with miracles, signs, and wonders. Pastor Randall took his text from Isaiah 52:2. It’s time that we loose ourselves from the chains that we’ve allowed to bind us. Victory is at our fingertips…
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Wednesday – March 6, 2019

The Anointing Destroys The Creditors We had an amazing service on this evening. Rev. Clint Dansby preached to the church about the Anointing destroying the creditors. The Anointing makes room for blessings. When God says go get vessels to fill, we must run with all we have to bring everything we can. God is moving…
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